Информационно-ресурсный центр


Information-resource Center of the Academy defines terms of use of information resources in electronic form and printed literature in their activity, based on the Qecrees of the President of Republic of Uzbekistan, Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Republic of Uzbekistan, normative legal documents defining the activities of the library, the Charter of the Academy and the decision of the Scientific Council, as well as Charter of center and the internal labor regulations of Academy.


Library Fund is more than 34,947,000 books and will be updated from year to year. In this year,the fund is enriched with more than 293 name domestic and foreign books in management system.

Besides books, the Center received 35 titles of magazines. The center provides services to all students, faculty and staff of the Academy. The literature in Uzbek, Russian and English are located at the Center by field of knowledge. Books are available for  self-selection in the open-end funds, as well as users can get to know about new resources.


The center is designed for 70 seats for readers, equipped with 20 computers and a Wi-Fi network. New books are presented on the web-site of the Academy. The Center regularly takes part in the conference "The use of the internet in Central Asia and the library and information resources in science, education, culture and business" on the basis of the UNDP project.


Center established a working relationship with the National Library of Uzbekistan, information and resource centers of  Turin Polytechnic University In Tashkent and the University of Westminster.

Main services:

- Publications (books, magazines, newspapers);

- Electronic resources;

- Book exhibitions;

- Computers;

- Norma, Lex.uz;

- Practical help for finding information.

Additional services:

- Scan;

- Recording electronic information on CD disks and flash drives.

In the reading room are collected for the use of master's thesis, final qualification works (diploma works) and their electronic form.


Operation Center:

Monday - Friday from 900 am to 800 pm

Saturday - from 900 am  to 200 pm



Head of the Center - Sobir Bakhtiyarovich Alibekov;

Chief Librarian - Dilfuza Absattarovna Obidova;

chief methodologist - Mohira Kamilovna Abdurakhmanova;

Librarian - Dilobar Yuldashevna Muhammedjanova.



Address: Tashkent, st. Islam Karimov, 45.

Phone: (71) 232-61-25, 232-60-68

E-mail: arm@dba.uz